Europeans who are planning to visit Australia should never miss out on Sydney. This city definitely never sleeps. Though shopping centers dona��t really extend untilA�midnight, there are many places to go to and many activities to do all throughout the day. Both a business hub and a beachside town, Sydney offers the best of both worlds to many of its guests. Although Europe is branded as a tourist Mecca, Australia also boasts its own attractions. In fact, they can be at par when it comes to world-class tourist spots.

For a complete Sydney experience, herea��s a checklist of what Europeans can expect in the lovely city of Sydney.

  1. Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Whata��s a Sydney tour without visiting the renowned Opera House? This architectural feat, known with its exceptional acoustics, is one of the most visited tourist spots in the city. It is breathtakingly placed in front of Sydney Harbour, giving the people a great backdrop in pictures. Other than ogling at the four-shelled structure, many tourists can opt to book a concert or gobble down in one of their boardwalka��s cafA�s and restaurants. Whata��s great about visiting this Opera House is its close proximity to another famous landmark, the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Locals and foreigners usually climb up the bridge during the afternoon to wait for the sunrise and admire the general splendour of the cityscape.

  1. Sunbathing the European Way

Laying topless under the sun is a norm in Europe. Here in Bondi Beach, ita��s socially acceptable for women to take of their bikini tops and soak up all the sun. But since this is also a vacation haven for many families, there are certain places where women are allowed to. Nonetheless, Bondi Beach offers waves favourable for surfing, making it a surfera��s haven. It only takes a 15-minute drive from the city to reach the coast, and more or less 20 minutes if onea��s taking the hop-on hop-off tour bus.

  1. The Rocks

One of the customary starting point of a Sydney tour is The Rocks. Established as the birthplace of the country, it is an area of cultural museums, nostalgic architecture, and cobbled streets that can transport its visitors back in the early years of Australia. Nestled in The Rocks are numerous pubs and bars, artisan food stalls, and museums. One can get a dose of Australian History by visiting the Discovery Museum, Cadmana��s Cottage, and Savannaha��s Place.

  1. The Centennial Park

A much-needed break from all the technology and buzz of the city requires a visit to this urban park. It is distinct from the other parks in the area since it flaunts Victorian-inspired landscaping and architecture. There are numerous gardens, ponds, statues, and lawns that reflect European imagery. Vacationers can enjoy a picnic under the shade of the fig and oak trees that were planted ever since the parka��s inauguration.

  1. International Food Establishments

One will never go hungry in Sydney. In every corner, therea��s a restaurant or cafA� to be found. And fortunately, they champion authentic European cuisine. For Spanish delights and ambiance, tourists can reserve a place Casa Arturiana in Liverpool Street or Subsolo in the Central Business District. For elegant and fine dining, choose ARIA Restaurant for satisfying entrees with matching wines and La Renaissance Cafe for French delicacies and pastries.

Amid the coastal landscape and metropolitan environment, Sydney is home to many exciting activities, picturesque sights, and cultural establishments. There is no doubt that travellers will want to stay longer in this city.