Famous for the 3 Sisters, KatoombaScenic Railway and scenery breathtaking, the Blue Mountains National Park should be visited at least once in one’s lifetime. It is an awesome option for holiday driving for many reasons.

With thick rainforest, waterfalls, profound gorges and world class hedge trails, it is a haven for the prepared traveler, with great accessibility by road and plenty of accommodation to suit all tastes.

Getting there: Getting to Blue Mountains is easy. From Sydney head west following the signs for Parramatta. Then join the M4 (toll section near Sydney) and continue on the M4 to the edge of the mountains in Lapstone. You can then follow the signs to the main tourist areas such as Katoomba. An alternative is to catch the train from Central Station to Sydney CBD. There is about one train per hour and it takes about 90-120 minutes depending on which station you go. There are day trips from Sydney and by coach which return to the city the same day but staying in one of the great options Blue Mountains accommodation for a few nights allow you to really enjoy the area.


Image from https://www.facebook.com/ScenicWorld/

What to do: If you come in the Blue Mountains there is much to do. Checking out the scenery is bound to be top of your list of things to do, so here are some ideas.

Viewpoints: There are a lot of views breathtaking in the Blue Mountains. Among the most popular viewpoints are Echo Point in Katoomba, which was recently upgraded and offers stunning views over the 3 Sisters. Wentworth Falls also offer great views of both falls and the valley.

Bushwalking: There are bushwalking trails throughout the Blue Mountains region and the national park. Once you reach the Blue Mountains then head to one of the tourist information centers, such as that of Katoomba and request a map marking the main bushwalking trails. You can choose from short walks on artificial paths to long and adventurous hikes.

Scenic World: Located in the central area Katoomba, Scenic World is the most popular attraction in the region and offers a number of ways to enjoy the beautiful views. Scenic World has a number of attractions, including a cable car, a glass floored skyway that takes you through the valley and the steepest Railway in the world. There is also a walk around the rainforest at the bottom of the valley. It is a wonderful family attraction and a fun way to take in some views of the area.