Holidays are always for kids and when this season strikes, there’s nothing more exciting but to visit a nice children’s event where they can enjoy and at the same time learn from their experience. If you are thinking of something that would interest your children this school holidays, the Tyrannosaurs’ exhibit at the Australian Museum is just the best deal. Don’t overwork and read some relaxing article.

Perhaps, you have seen the movie Jurassic Park where a variety of dinosaurs were introduced including the Tyrannosaurs or more popularly known as T-Rex. Although T-Rex no longer exists today, the Tyrannosaurs’ exhibit features a close encounter with these prehistoric gigantic ‘tyrant lizards’.

Tyrannosaurs’ is the very first exhibition to kick-off in Sydney particularly at the famous Australian Museum. This event features the legendary dinosaur family presented in various shapes and sizes including its fossils. Both children and adult will be amazed with these colossal creatures as they were constructed and are assembled using cutting-edge technology in order for these life-sized models to appear true-to-life.

Tyrannosaurs’ is an exclusive exhibit that tells the story of the dinosaur family and how they emerged in this world during the prehistoric period. As you enter the museum, you will be welcomed with extra-large bone-crunching teeth, powerful jaws and massive skulls depicting the numerous humans eaten by these predators. At the artifacts section are fossil specimens coming from North America and China.

Exhibit Schedule

Tyrannosaurus is open to the public from November 2013 to July 2014. Location is at the Australian Museum in New South Wales. Viewing period is from 9:30am to 5:00pm every day. Due to museum restrictions, the number of viewers will be controlled and priority is given to those who bought their tickets in advance. It is therefore advised to purchase your tickets at an earlier time to avoid sold-out circumstances when you visit as a walk-in customer. Upon purchasing a ticket, you are eligible to enter the museum for the Tyrannosaurus exhibit as well as other permanent exhibitions and galleries on that same day.

Ticket Prices

Family (2 adults + 2 children)

Advance purchase price $57; Walk-in price $62

Family (1 adult + 2 children)

Advance purchase price $36; Walk-in price $38


Advance purchase price $22; Walk-in price $24


Advance purchase price $16; Walk-in price $16

Child (5 to 15 years old)

Advance purchase price $13; Walk-in price $14


  • Children under five years of age are FREE of charge.
  • Additional transaction fees apply to purchases made by credit card and Ticketek.
  • Australian Museum members are given a special price.
  • Tyrannosaurs’ gift vouchers are also available for purchase should you wish to use this a gift or if you can’t decide when to visit the museum.
  • To ensure the safety and comfort of all viewers, timed sessions are implemented to let everyone enjoy the exhibit. You are therefore required to choose your preferred timed session.
  • Groups of 10 or more can enjoy 30% on ticket purchase.
  • School groups are also given discounts and additional programs for science learning.


This school vacation, bring your children to the Australian Museum to witness the exciting and spectacular Tyrannosaurus exhibition. This is not just an ordinary museum viewing but also an educational experience for them.