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Hunter Valley Luncheon Tour by Helicopter | Sydney Tours

Hunter Valley Luncheon Tour by Helicopter

  • Destination: Hunter Valley

Escape from the stressful life for a day and treat yourself in a life of luxury in a helicopter trip to one of the wine capitals of Australia. The country is known for different landmarks especially the place of Sydney. Take a look at all the beautiful landmarks the place has to offer over the […]

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Escape from the stressful life for a day and treat yourself in a life of luxury in a helicopter trip to one of the wine capitals of Australia. The country is known for different landmarks especially the place of Sydney. Take a look at all the beautiful landmarks the place has to offer over the air. Receive informative narration from your travel guide and pilot. Finally, feel the excitement and adrenaline in riding a helicopter for a full 2-hour period.

The things inside the package:

  • Transportation service – Other than your aerial transportation service, you will be accompanied with a land transportation service which will take you from your hotel in Sydney to the Sydney airport and back.
  • Cuisines – The travel is not only going to fill your eyes but also your stomachs. Along with the package is a full 3-course lunch meal along with your complimentary wine. The meal will include various dishes that present the ethnicity and the local specialties of the place.
  • Various tastings – You will get a taste of numerous wines not just your complimentary wine. You will be treated in a private wine tasting event that will feature various types of wine that will comprise the valley’s specialties and own produce. The experience is luxurious and promoting.
  • Guide – Along with your sightseeing event is an educational live narration about the places you will go through. You may not go the usual straight path to your location and instead you can have a little bit of joyride and off sessions with your helicopter as long as it does not exceed the 1-hour limit of the trip.

What to look forward:

  • The main attraction of this trip is the sightseeing factor from over the air so expect more to enjoy in the air travel rather than being in the Hunter Valley. After taking off from the Sydney airport helipad, you will go over and see all of the fantastic views the place has to offer. The Harbour Bridge and that of the Opera House are just two of the many. You will follow the course of the coastline of Palm Beach and head inland to Brisbane Waters and Hawkesbury River until going through the central coast before reaching Hunter valley.
  • Have a taste of several wines with Ripe Shiraz and Crisp Semillon’s. There are more wines to look forward to. They have several additions depending on the season and produce.
  • A two-hour helicopter travel. The first hour will be spent in flying over to Hunter Valley which you will then experience numerous different activities. Afterward, you will then end the day with a second one-hour aerial trip going back to Sydney.


There is a scarcity of supplies that limits this service. There can be only a few number of helicopters to be in service each day so if you are trying to get a trip on valentine’s day or any pick season, get a booking as early as possible.

The service is not available in a daily basis but most of the days of the month, there are available flight schedules. Make sure to take a look at the company calendar for better information about the availability of the service.

The service enforces strict compliance to time schedule to prevent any delays and unforeseen events like weather changes. The time of departure of the helicopter from the Sydney airport is approximately 9 25 in the morning, depending on which hotel you live in or how far you are will commence the pick-up time of the land transportation service.

The entire trip will be approximately 6 hours long, it usually takes longer than that and at times maxes at about 7 hours. This means than other than the 2-hour helicopter travel period, you will be spending more than 4 hours in the vicinity of the Hunter Valley. In this time period, you will have your private wine tasting, 3-course lunch and sight-seeing of the place. You will be back in your hotels by approximately 3 45 pm in the afternoon.

The service is not deprived from the disable, helicopter chairs are collapsible but no extra service by the crew or pilot will be performed due to strict insurance regulations. Also a minimum of 2 constituents is required for the package with a maximum of 6 people in a single helicopter. With safety compliance also, only 240 pounds of weight is allowed in each helicopter. Also remember to bring a proof of identity to be allowed to pursue your trip.


If you are going to have a luxurious helicopter trip then it is safe to assume that you are also going to have a luxurious price tag. Generally priced at approximately 1, 040 dollars, the entire package is very expensive. Considering the things that come with it, the back and forth travel, land transportation and an entire lunch meal in a high-class restaurant, it is basically all worth it.

The rate for an adult is approximately 1, 040 dollars per person. This includes kids from ages 3 and above. All other ages between 2 and 0 are considered infant and are free of charge. It is also a requirement that there should be at least 2 adults in a trip, which accounts for a minimum 2, 080 dollars per trip.

The projected calendar of the company shows no price increase in the next year until the March of 2015. The price of the trip is permanent and will not change no matter what the time of the year is, may it be a pick season or Valentine’s Day.

The amount that will be paid will account for the private wine tasting, lunch within the vicinity and other aforementioned services. Other not mentioned services are beyond the reach of the preliminary fee and must be paid by the constituents. This includes additional meals other than the 3-course lunch supplied, and so on.

Hotel Pick Up

As soon as you have confirmed your booking, a voucher will be given to you. Within this voucher, it will include a list of contact information that can be reached in any event that changes may occur. Moreover, change in location or hotel that you will be staying in or rearrangement of pick-up time.

In any event that there may be discrepancies, immediate consultation is required. This is needed to still give you the best service. Our services are limited so in events like addition of participants and change of location, it is required that we must be consulted immediately.

When checked out, you will be asked to select from a given list of hotels located in Sydney. In the event that your hotel is not specified in the list, you may rearrange a pick-up point or other alternative hotel pick-up location. Same goes if you live locally or near the vicinity, call the service operator to arrange a settlement to this matter.

You can always not choose your hotel directly upon checkout. In the event that you have not yet made reservations in any hotel, you can always call your local service operator as soon as you have made your hotel arrangements.

Departure time of the helicopter is 9 25 am, the land transportation service will pick you up in your hotel depending on the time it will take to reach the airport from your hotel.

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