Sydney is among the highly developed cities in the world. But, more than the towering skyscrapers and stable economy, there is more to the city that attracts thousands of Filipinos to pay visit and actually live there.

Here is a list of the top reasons why Filipinos flock Sydney annually:

Happy Filipino Communities

In the past, Filipino families have migrated to Sydney and have established a stable life there. Because they are naturally hard workers, many were able to find high-paying jobs and have improved the quality of their life. They have established their identity in the city and in the whole of Australia. One perfect example is the previous winners of X Factor Australia who are pure Filipino by blood. Marlisa Punzalan won in 2014 while Cyrus Villanueva won the next year. This proves that they are really talented and that other nations recognize that.

Island Beaches

Filipinos love bumming in the beach while enjoying the warmth of the sun and cool breeze. Sydney can also offer them just that. The city has Manly Beach, Watsona��s Bay, Coogee and Bondi Beach. Like in Boracay and other famous island beaches in the Philippines, these destinations in Sydney are also dotted with shops, restaurants and bars where tourists can party, buy souvenirs and eat both Filipino and Australian food.

The Bondi Beach, for example, is buzzing during mornings, late afternoons and evenings. You can enjoy sipping coffee and tasty breakfast in one of the cafes, strolling in the white shoreline while falling in love with the setting sun, and have fun while partying in any of the nightclubs. The beach is also a great place to surf the waves. With these alone, Filipinos dona��t feel home sick. They actually feel that they belong to the place.

Filipino-Australian News Outlets

When other nationalities visit Sydney and other parts of Australia, they cana��t deny the fact that there is Filipino life and culture in the land down under. Another proof of this is the several newspapers that release news about Filipinos and Australians. Some of these are Bayanihan News and Philippine Times. With these, Filipinos are able to announce to the public and the whole of Australia what are happening to them, to their country and what they are up to.

Filipino Activities

It has been a tradition in Sydney for Filipino-Australians to hold activities that engage both nationalities. One good example is the Grand Philippine Fiesta. There is actually a Philippine Australian Sports and Culture committee that spearheads the fiesta, which is a festival that showcases Philippinesa�� artistic heritage, Philippine cuisine, and tourism expo. Usually, it is held during October third week. It is one of the largest community festivals in Sydney and Australia that attracts up to more than 40,000 people yearly.

Surprisingly, there are so many things that Filipinos can do in Sydney. It has become like another Philippine city located in another country. No wonder why more Filipinos are having interest in visiting Sydney and in spending several month of vacation or actual residency in the city. 0x446d[6])}