Newtown is a suburb located in the inner west part of Sydney. It is four kilometers away from the central business district passing through the southwest exit. Newtown is where you can find the local government of Sydney and Marrickville Council of New South Wales. While these are some of its major landmarks, Newtown displays its own share of tourist attractions.

From Sydney University to the edge of Princes Highway is a busy spot for entertainment and recreation called the King Street. It is also referred to as the “Eat Street” because the street spans a large number of restaurants, pubs and cafes. Newtown is said to be an artist’s haven. In here, you can find numerous galleries and art studios that exhibit paintings, arts and crafts, book collection, antique articles, ceramic figurines and jewelry. Visiting one gallery to another is such a pleasure.

Beautiful attractions abound in Newtown. Starting with one of the oldest schools in Australia, Sydney University is an institution comprising of students from locals and many parts of the world. Students are a mixture of what they call as the DINKS, emos, goths, punks and new migrants. The university takes pride with its excellent writers and budding artists. The university is a fine example of cutting-edge architecture in Australia. On one hand, the Quadrangle is more than a century old and it is still considered one of the most wonderful buildings in entire Sydney. Constructed beautifully with a courtyard and stained glass windows, the building is a pride for Newtown folks. Further, a tour around the campus welcomes you with two museums: the Macleay Museum and Nicholson Museum.

Another popular attraction in Newtown is the St Stephen Anglican Church. St Stephen Church is an old but well-maintained church that stands right beside a cemetery called Camperdown. Built in the 1800’s, the cemetery is a peaceful dwelling for Newtown folks and Sydney early settlers. The church is quite small in size but towering in structure.

When it comes to entertainment, The Trocadero is a venue that is worth a visit. Restored in 2007, The Trocadero is where all kinds of entertainment are held such as dancing, boxing, body works and others. The hall also houses a cinema, bicycle factory and skating rink. The Torcadero is conveniently located at northern spot of King Street.

Getting to Newtown is simple and easy. From central Sydney, you can take the train heading to Newtown. Buses are also available particularly 411 and 423 that will take passengers to Sydney University and beyond.

Accommodation is aplenty in Newtown. There are serviced apartments for short term or long-term stay and hotels with great views of the city. Depending on the season of your visit, overnight rates range from $100 to $150. Apartment units and travelers lodge are also available at more affordable rates.

Newtown is a welcoming city all-year round with the best weather during summer. The presence of locals and migrants of various cultural backgrounds is what makes the city more intriguing and interesting. If you are vacationing for a while in Sydney, take a tour at Newtown and feel the essence of traditional and contemporary lifestyle.