One of the most exciting experiences in the world is counting down to New Year’s Eve – waiting for the amazing fireworks that will awe any young child and even those who are just young at heart. Without any shadow of doubt, Sydney is known to be one of the best fireworks display in the world, not to mention its being one of the first countries to welcome the New Year next to New Zealand.

And Sydney has the best fireworks display in this planet, ushering in the New Year with a blast. The 12-minute midnight fireworks will happen right at the Sydney Harbour Bridge and nearby areas.

The best spot to be in to see this once-a-year event is on a ferry or cruise ship. Book your tickets now! But at this time of the year, everything is pretty expensive. So if you have not saved enough for a boat ride, check out the following places considered as great vantage points for the light show:

Birchgrove Park

You can prepare your own BBQ grill. BYOB is allowed here! Best of all, it’s free! Come early and grab a good space for your family and friends.


With a small space to spend the day and night, a small fee will be charged.  Hence, you get a panoramic view of the fireworks display from this spot.

Darling Harbour

No entrance fee here. But you will have to come early to find a good spot because a lot of people flock to this place.

Manly Cove

Aside from the pre-fireworks show, guests will be entertained by live performers. Unfortunately, one can’t drink alcohol here.

Lawn with a View

This area in the Botanical Gardens is so called because it has the best view in all of Sydney. About 700 people can fit in the place but ticket sell out quickly so check now if there are still some left for you.

But wait, Sydney’s New Year’s spectacle is not just about the fireworks at midnight. The whole day of December 31 will be filled with various activities, ensuring that both tourists and locals will have something great to look forward to such air displays above Sydney Harbour and Fire Tug Water Displays.

This year, this spectacle entitled ‘Inspire’ will be directed by one of the best in Australian Cinema – Jack Thompson. He has been in various Aussie movies as well as some in Hollywood including the Great Gatsby.

There is no doubt that nothing beats the wonderful display that Sydney prepares for the whole world to see. And lucky are those who are in this city, waiting for it to happen.

So what are you waiting for? If you have not booked a trip to Sydney yet, do so now. There are thousands of people from all over the world doing so right at this moment. It’s something you don’t want to miss. Welcome the New Year with splendor in joy. If it is about spectacular fireworks display that you are searching for, then Sydney is just the place to be.