As the Halloween spirit sets in, Sydney celebrates the annual Sydney Zombie Walk that will take place on the 1st of November at 3:00 in the afternoon. This event has been very successful since its advent in 2009. The streets of Sydney will be flocked by thousands of zombies as they parade around the city, wrapped in torn clothing with face thickly painted with make-up. Spectators will see nothing but bloody humans on the streets from 3:00PM to the early hours of the evening.

The Sydney Zombie Walk is an event that is not only focused on entertaining its locals and visitors. It is an awareness program geared towards supporting Australia’s Brain Foundation. Through the years, this project was able to raise funds with an amount over $10,000 by just a simple parade of zombie walk. Brain Foundation is actually a global program that aims to support patients with brain disorders who are in need of help. As for the Australian region, the project takes place in Sydney and participated by thousands of individuals who are willing to be transformed into a zombie-like creature for a couple of hours.

At the stroke of 3:00PM on November 1, every street in Central Sydney will be paraded by fetid flesh and limb rotted zombies searching for juicy and healthy brains. Before the walk starts, preparation takes place at Hyde Park where a number of makeup artists would be available to help participants achieve that bloody zombie look. Red food coloring and lots of chocolate sauce shall be used to produce that fake blood appearance.

Those who volunteer to join the Sydney Zombie Walk are tasked to dress-up before the parade and contribute an amount of money for donation. Zombies must be 16 years old and up and must register at the website for free. Locals and tourists are invited to witness the event, as dead humans will be infiltrating the streets with ripped clothing and dripping blood. Pets such as dogs and puppies are also welcome to join.

If you want to partake in this exciting activity, a few tips and tricks can help you become a complete zombie without spending a dime. All you need to do is to mess up your hair and tear up some old clothes. Apply red food dye onto your clothes and skin, and do some face painting to achieve that pale-white look of a dead person. To make the theme more interesting, walk like a real zombie and viewers will be surely entertained.

There are actually two ways to join the project. You can either walk as a zombie or volunteer as a Zombie Wrangler. Basically, Zombie Wranglers are in-charge of collecting cash donation from each participant and at the same time making sure that all walkers are safe during the entire event.

The Sydney Zombie Walk is truly an exciting affair that will entertain viewers with a bit of fright and scare but in an amusing way. After a feast of trick or treat and Halloween festivities, celebrate with the zombies and support the Brain Foundation. So, come this November 1!