Sydney is definitely one of the most beautiful and magnificent cities any traveler can visit. It houses a lot of beautiful and splendid sceneries with fun and thrilling activities. This February 2015 would be the perfect time to savor whatever greatness the city has to offer. With the undeniably good weather and manageable tourist crowds, it would be the best time to appreciate and enjoy all the wonders of Sydney.

Here are just few of the events and activities to anticipate on this February.

Chinese New Year Festival

This 2015, the festival will run from February 13 to March 1. An exhibition of huge lanterns next to Sydney Harbor will launch this exciting celebration. It is actually the first time for Sydney to celebrate the Chinese New Year festival in a span of ten days. Locals and tourists will surely be delighted with what this special event has to offer. As we all know, China is miles and miles away from Sydney, but the essence of having a festival like this will bring people closer to the colorful and vibrant Chinese culture.

Part of this festival is an exhibition of the best cuisines in Asia. This will take place on the 14th of February. In here, a long line of tables shall feel the streets of downtown Sydney and some of the sumptuous cuisines foods to taste are Thai and Korean. Well of course, the Chinese cuisine will grace the event with tons of dishes.

The highlight of the Chinese New Year Festival will take place on February 22 wherein a parade of Chinese traditions will fill the streets starting from George Street and will culminate at the Chinese gardens.

Mardi Gras Celebration

This event is considered to be one of the biggest and the most iconic celebrations in Sydney that usually happens on the month of February. This year, it will start on the 20th and will end on March 8. A huge and grand party will occur on the 21st behind the Opera House. It is expected that thousands of people all over the world will be attending the celebration.

A parade of colorful floats, and vibrant and dynamic participants will make their way through Oxford and Flinders Street on February 28. This fun event is considered to be the biggest LGBTQI celebration in the world.

Valentine’s Day Events

Celebrating the month of hearts and love is something that everyone can look forward to in Sydney. It will host a lot of romantic and fun events that will definitely make your Valentine’s Day celebration an experience like no other. Fireworks and a lot of free activities such as concerts will be held all across the city. Darling Harbour will be at its finest from February 7 to March 7. Exhibits of flowers, lanterns and sculptures will be held. A boat ride for two around the bay is the sweetest way to celebrate love.

Aside from other thrilling activities that you can try such as skydiving, visiting the Taronga Zoo and the Jenolan Caves, these events and festivities will make your Sydney stay truly an experience worth remembering.