If you have been to Sydney for the nth time and you want to try something different, sorting out the unusual tourist places and events will surely excite you. While popular attractions can never get you wrong, they can get less interesting at some point, especially if you have seen them one time or too many.

Don’t worry because there is more to explore in majestic Sydney that meets the eye or even what the holiday brochures could tell you. Start off with the city’s flea markets. With their unique character, you don’t really need to buy anything to experience them at their finest. In fact, they are some of the best places to sit around and watch people go about their regular market routines.

Flea markets to watch

Sydney’s flea markets are located everywhere – in suburban street corners, churchyards, and more. They also vary on what they may contain and what sorts of visitors actually frequent them. Here’s a roundabout:

Paddy’s Market

This is one popular underground market that’s located right at the heart of the city. Located at the corners of Hay and Thomas Streets, Haymarket, this is situated at the Chinatown and is open from Thursday to Sunday, between 9:00am and 5:00pm. Paddy’s Market is the best place to find cheap but overly chic finds. It’s a fashionable stop for clothing, tableware, souvenirs, and other dry goods. It is also a great place to buy the freshest produce Australia has to offer. Go and pick some fruits and vegetables for your next meal.

The Rocks

If you are artsy and you would want something that pleases your senses, the historical Rocks area is the place to be. It is in George Street and is usually open during Saturdays and Sundays, from 10:00am to 5:00pm. The area itself is an attraction of its own, with its rich historic past as one of the first European settlements. Start to wander around and you will be pleased even more. The Rocks offers a wide array of tasteful souvenirs, opals, and classy creative products.

Como Craft and Antique Market

Located in the Como Public School grounds, the Como Craft and Antique Market is always worth the drive if you are in the lookout for a bounty bargain of collector’s items. It only opens every second Sunday of the month and play host to over 40 stall owners of truly attractive goods.

The Paddington

This classy market is located in a historic area, which will make you hit two targets with a single stone. It is at the churchyard of St. John’s Church along Oxford Street every Saturday, from 10:00am to 4:00pm. The Paddington flea market features a complete assortment of goods – from vintage and designer clothing to arts and crafts to home items, jewelries, and more. It also sells delectable snacks so you don’t need to get hungry while going around.

It would be a nice experience to visit the Sydney’s flea markets for a change, even if this is just your first time to be in the city.