Traveling to Sydney in April offers lot of exciting opportunities for exploring travelers. Often, this month coincides with the Easter Holiday. When this does happen, there will be work-free days from Good Friday up to the Easter Monday. And with the ANZAC Day also celebrated every 25th of the month, traveling locals and foreigners alike will be able to take advantage of many amazing activities.

It is also interesting to note that the season in Sydney in April is autumn. That means, the weather is ushering the colder months to begin. You will love the significant drop of temperatures from that felt in March between 14 to 22 degrees on a regular day.

With that being said, expect that tourist destinations all over the city are usually packed. The locals take advantage of this time when they will have lots of free chances to bond with their loved ones in various activities. If you are not very comfortable touring with a crowd, time your tour during the first week of the month. Otherwise, plan your tour around sites that are based beyond the boundaries of the hustle and bustle of the city itself. Here are more travel ideas:

Check out the Blue Mountains

This scenic getaway is located just few hours’ drive from downtown, featuring luscious bush and teeming with wildlife. If you are a fan of sightseeing, this is one great destination for you. Visiting the natural spectacle is also a wonderful way to get away from the buzz at Sydney’s prime locations. With significantly comfortable (colder) temperatures, trekking the Blue Mountains or the tracks around it would give you a healthy Sydney experience as well.

Attend the Royal Easter Show

The Easter holidays present some amazing activities to participate into. The Royal Easter Show is definitely the most exciting, as it features extravagant events like rodeo shows, carnival rides, motorbike and skateboard stunts, wood chopping competitions, fashion shows, and livestock races. It is also the event to attend if you want a sneak peek on the freshest farm produce since massive industry players take part in it.

Witness the ANZAC Day Ceremony

The ANZAC holiday is set to honor the heroes of both World War 1 and 2. The highlight of the day is a memorial service held at dawn to commemorate the veterans that fought hard for freedom. It is a time for Aussies to take pride to its heroes and the rest of the world to witness how solemn and respectful the ceremony is.

Sydney presents fantastic experiences for adventurers who decide to time their visit around April. Apart from various celebrations and events that you could attend, witness, and participate into, you may also decide to just do your thing, enjoying the beaches this time of the year. April is a great time to visit the most popular Sydney beaches, go for walks at the shore, and have cozy evenings with the luscious scenery in the background. You may also do a foodie adventure by rounding up the most popular eats around the city.