Both kids and adults love Easter Parade, and the best Easter Parade will happen on April 6 during Easter Monday. While Easter is usually celebrated or falls on Sundays, this year’s Sydney Easter Parade will happen on a Monday Easter celebration.

Don’t get confused if the celebration falls on a Monday as most Easter parade happens on Sundays. There is no big deal on it, as the chosen date just happens to be on a Monday. All events and programs inclusive of Sydney Easter Parade are expected to be of the same just like the past Easter celebrations and it’s expected to bring massive fun for all participants.

Sydney Easter Parade will take place on the following streets: Park Street, George Street, Bathurst Street and Elizabeth Street, which are parts of Sydney’s CBD. The parade will start at 11 am and ends around 12:30 pm. The kick off and finish will be both at Hyde Park.

Sydney Easter parade has been annually celebrated for 20 years and has been known before as the Jesus March, The Awaking or Easter March. People of different denominations, ethnic and age group come together in celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, known to all Christians as the Savior. The celebration calls for affirmation of Christian beliefs, traditions as well as showing strong human relationship through faith and love for peace. The parade is open to the public and for everybody who wishes to celebrate the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. Moreover, the parade is not restricted solely to Christian believers but also open to non-Christians who wish to join and enjoy the fun of an Easter Celebration.

The parade will display colorful animal costumes, band march and giant inflatable mascots of Christian churches and Ministries around Sydney. The massive parade is expected to draw solid support from all Sydney communities, schools and government institutions as well. The parade is also dubbed as Sydney’s Family Day.

Before the parade, there will be a pre-registration that starts at 10 am. Preparation for the parade also starts at 10 am. Formation will begin at 11 am and all participants will assemble at Hyde Park opposite side of the Sheraton Hotel. Families and other groups together with their respective banners and community bands will set off from this point at around 11:30 heading to Market Street, George Street, Bathurst Street and Elizabeth Street. The march will end at 12:00 pm and followed by an Easter Christian Service and messages from known and respected Sydney’s community Christian leaders and Ministries.

A regular “After Parade party” kicks off after the parade with various performances from various Sydney  Christian performing artists including Christian Mark, The Zion Collective and other performers expected to wow and entertain participants with outstanding performances.

If you happen to be in Sydney in April, make sure your Monday is free in order not to miss and join this one of a kind Easter celebration.  Sydney Easter Parade is your chance to witness Sydney’s love for the family, support for the community and respect for human faith, beliefs and traditions.