If there is one thing that is truly amazing about Sydney, it is how it is pretty welcoming to all nations, Singaporeans included. The city offers various comfort features that travelers from all over would surely enjoy. For visitors coming from Singapore, there are several attractions and dining options that will make them feel at home even while exploring the Land Down Under.

The Singapore Tourism Board

For starters, there is the Singapore Tourism Board, which is meant to offer Singaporeans all the assistance that they need while having a great time in Sydney. The tourism office is located at the 11th Floor of AWA Building in York Street, Sydney. Whatever concerns you might have regarding your stay, you can bring it to this office and expect quality travel assistance.

Singaporean Eats

There are a couple of Sydney restaurants that specialize in Asian cuisine, particularly the tastes that Singaporeans are most familiar with. Sinma Laksa House is one of the favorites among tourists and locals alike. It serves a wide variety of dishes from Satay to Nasi Goreng to Belacan Kangkong and Char Kway Teow. Aside from fresh and flavorful food, this hangout place also boasts about its casual and comfortable dining styles, similar to what Singaporeans enjoy back home, in their breezy food courts.

Cafe Kasturi is another authentic joint that offers Southeast Asian cuisine. Experienced chefs from Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand help keep the food authentic and halal. It is very welcoming to Muslim customers who would surely find the menu attractive. Since it is located nearby the Central Station Market City, it also serves a nice springboard to experiencing what Sydney has to offer.

No doubt, Chilli Crabs is Singaporea��s most popular dish. If you are coming to Sydney, do not mind about missing the dish even for a bit. Harrya��s Singapore Chilli Crab Restaurant considers that its specialty. That means, you can easily give in to your cravings while you are here. Apart from crabs, this modernistic resto also serves scallops, prawns and vegetable dumplings and more.

A Tour of Sydney

When your stomach is full, you will have lots of energy to go about your travel itinerary. A tour of Sydney would not be complete without visiting the following attractions:

The Coastal Walk from Bondi to Coogee Beach a�� This enjoyable walk spans through stretches of scenic sights of various coves and beaches.

Bondi Beach a�� This wondrous beach that has been Sydneya��s most popular attractions offers a handful of activities that will surely keep you delighted. Whether you love surfing, swimming, or simply beachcombing, this is one of the great places to be when in the city.

The Royal Botanic Gardens a�� This well-kept, handsome garden is great for various activities and experiences as well. You can have a peaceful and serene exploration or a tasty picnic against a scenic background.

The Hyde Park a�� Sydneya��s oldest park remains impressive with several structures that will take you back in time. The St. Marya��s Cathedral that is inside the park is also worth a visit.

The Ferry Ride from Circular Quay to Manly Beach a�� Getting in one is like hitting several birds with a single stone. During the ride, you will experience the majestic Sydney Harbour for all its worth. It also offers one of the best views of the stunning Harbour Bridge and Opera House.

Taronga Zoo a�� Another must-visit is this world-class zoo that represents Sydneya��s A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A�A� animal species. The setting is in a natural bushland with views over the Harbour. What more can you ask for?