November in Sydney signals the end of spring. The weather changes to become warm wherein the temperature can be from 23 to 15 degrees Celsius. If you’re travelling to Sydney, you can expect it to be both sunny and rainy. In either case, there are lots of fun outdoor activities to do such as hiking and swimming. You can also treat yourself to picnics in the warm sunshine. Since the weather is backwards in Australia, it’s nearly summer if you decide to go on November. As such, if you enjoy outdoor adventures, it is the perfect time to go. Relax and read about 10 best cars made in france.

One of the country’s main tourist attractions is the Melbourne Cup. It is a horse racing event that is widely anticipated by Aussies. The entire country is at a standstill during the Melbourne Cup wherein restaurants and pubs often broadcast the event. Take part in the revelry while enjoying the country’s famous cuisine. It is held on the first Tuesday of November and the place is always full of fans cheering on their bets. You can purchase tickets to watch the show live and get ready to have a full blown racing experience. It is known as “the race that stops a nation” and you will likely be swept off your feet with excitement.

November is also a time that the country receives more daylight. This means that you can pack a full day itinerary in the outdoors. Tourists enjoy sailing in the Sydney Harbor and this is one the best ways to view the city. Tourists are treated to the bay side’s stunning views wherein you can relax and enjoy the cool breeze. You also get to see the city landmarks and architectural wonders. A sailing trip is unlike any experience wherein in some cruises, you are taught by the staff to sail the vessel. It is common for sailing trips to start early in the morning and breakfast is served for guests. Depending on the length of the trip, you can also sail by mid-afternoon and enjoy the city’s night skyline.

Another favorite tourist attraction is the Sydney Tower. The clear skies of November assure you that you will see a full view of the country’s famous hotspots. At the top, you may be able to view the Blue Mountains, the Sydney Opera House and other famous landmarks. The Sydney Tower has free binoculars that allow tourists to fully enjoy the stunning scenery.

Due to the weather, it is important for you to be prepared for the heat. Wear loose clothing and sunglasses to keep your skin and eyes protected. Don’t also forget to lather in sunscreen lotion. It is recommended that you use SPF 30 or more especially if you plan to be in the outdoors all day. While it is certainly tempting to bask in the sun, remember the middle of the day is always the hottest. You may want to avoid being under the sun during this time. It’s also important to always be hydrated and bring that extra bottle of water if you need it.