The art scene in Sydney, Australia is definitely one of the richest all over the world. Artists of different genres from different parts of the globe come together in this wonderful city to showcase their talents, making this place vibrant and exciting anytime of the year.

This December would be no different. In fact, it could be even more exhilarating since ita��s the holiday season and so many people are thinking of spending their vacation in the Harbor City.

One of the most talked about photo exhibits in the city is entitled a�?Beautiful Whales: Life Size Photographs of Bryant Austina��.

Bryant Austin, marine photographer and conservationist, is said to be the only photographer in the world who has come close to these magnificent giant mammals in the sea and taken life-size photographs of them.

It is so special because his process is both an art and science. Spending months in whale spots like the Great Barrier Reef, Dominica and Tonga, he remains motionless underwater while waiting for his subjects to pass by. Only two feet away from his lens, he takes photos of humpbacks, sperm whales and minke whales, resulting in amazingly detailed and bigger than life photos.

According to Austin, he did this primarily to help these magnificent sea creatures by creating something that would evoke emotion from someone who does not care for whales at all. He wants everyone to understand how the ocean, as a whole, can directly affect our world. As a conservationist, he hopes that his work will inspire others to make some changes in their lifestyle that will have an impact on the marine world.

He came out with a photo book so that it would be available for everyone to enjoy.

However, nothing will awe audiences more than seeing the life-size photographs of these whales that are now exhibited exclusively at Sydneya��s Australian National Maritime Museum. This is located at 2 Murray Street, Darling Harbor.

They have set up the museum for this photo exhibit since April and it will run until February of next year. If you are in Sydney this December, you will definitely get a chance to see these beautiful whales.

The museum is open every day from 9:30 in the morning to 5:00 in the afternoon. They will be extending their hours until 6:00 PM during some nights in January. However, it will be closed on Christmas Day, December 25. Ticket prices are as follows: $15 for adults and $10 for children.

With the flourishing art scene in Sydney, art connoisseurs will not lack for art expressions and experiences. Besides the one featured above, you could also visit A Feat of Daring that features David Moore and his photo tribute to the Anzac Bridge. Moran Art Prizes Exhibition and Pop to Popism are also two other must-sees.

Some of the galleries mentioned above may be closed during the holidays, especially on December 24 and 25. You could confer with the curators to ascertain their schedules. Most of those museums and galleries charge a certain amount as well as entrance fee. Children, just like in other places, can get discounted rates.

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