There are seasons that tourists would want to go to some place where they can both relax and enjoy the view without thinking about any stressful thing. Having a vacation is the perfect time to visit places and tourist attractions together with either your family or friends. There are many destinations that you can choose from, for example, in Sydney.

The Blue Mountains is situated on the west side of Sydney. It is one of the most accessible and most popular highland areas in New South Wales. Even though it is not relatively as high as other mountain ranges, it is still known for its unique and remarkable scenery, artistic cultural attraction, and a peaceful and serene ambience. The mountains are weekend destinations for those who live in Sydney and also for tourists who want to experience a different natural environment. In getting there, there are many villages to pass through. However, as you go farther, the more you will see the difference in their way of living. Most locals there are retirees, commuters, folks who are looking for some alternative lifestyle, artists, nature lovers, and hospitality and tourism workers. To maintain its natural environment, locals resisted in making a development within the place.

Most of the time, the Blue Mountains has a colder temperature than in the urban area. Locals may set up open fires during winter nights for warmth. Tourists visiting the area can get there by car or by train, since there are no commercial flights to the mountains. Tourists can also be accommodated by tour companies to show them around the place.

One of the most visited tourist attraction in the Blue Mountains is the Jenolan Cave. It is an ideal place to visit during day trips. Jenolan Caves is one amongst the many natural wonders of Australia. It is known of its awe-inspiring scenery and considered oldest cave in the world. It has beautiful rock formations with stalagmites and stalactites along the path. It also has an underground river. People of all ages can experience having a cave tour on any of the 10 show caves including the popular “Legends, Mysteries and Ghosts” tour. There is also available caving adventure experience for those brave-hearted souls and it involves squeezing, climbing, crawling in not fully formed caves with solely headlamps to light their way.

There are also some schools that consider the Jenolan Caves as part of their school tours and field trips. Of course, they would need adult and parental supervision in planning for that. For those tourists who would opt to explore on their own, there is a self-guided exploration of the Devil’s Coach House and Nettle caves, which has directions in different languages to avoid unnecessary enclosed spaces. There are also underground concerts mostly during Saturday afternoon. And if you want to just stroll around, you might also encounter shy native wildlife along the stretch of Jenolan’s bush tracks. For those who came a long way to visit the place, there is hotel accommodation available with a restaurant and a bar for your satisfaction.

Indeed, this winter time, it is best to go for places that give you warmth. But, that doesn’t mean that Blue Mountains are excluded.