This November, one of the major events that will take place in the city of Sydney is the MS Sydney to the Gong Bike Ride. In support to 23,000 Aussie patients with multiple sclerosis, this event will be a fundraising project that aims to reach an amount of AUD4.5 Million. Over the years, Sydney is known for having a rich heritage when it comes to cycling activities. Thus, MS Sydney to the Gong Bike Ride has become a special part of this culture in New South Wales.

All cyclists, both amateur and professional are encouraged to join this major event by choosing any from the 58-kilometer ride or 90-kilometer-ride. Whether you are a cyclist or not, everyone is enjoined to support the project by donating funds for this great cause.

A community of cyclists shall go through the beautiful scenic routes of The Royal National Park, passing through the Sea Cliff Bridge towards Wollogong. Should you want to take part in this cycling event, all you need to do is log-in to and follow the registration procedure.

Multiple sclerosis is a debilitating disease that is battled by thousands of Aussies up to this present day. Patients suffering from MS have to live with the disease for a lifetime with continuous medications and physical therapy knowing that there is no cure to this disease. Such lifestyle demands serious medical attention that requires huge expense. This is where the importance of the MS Sydney to the Gong Bike Ride comes in. Aid coming from this project will surely help families with MS patients. It is for this reason that the general public is encouraged to get involved.

The MS Sydney to the Gong Bike Ride is scheduled on November 2, 2014. Special Train Services shall be available on this day accompanied with facilities and amenities that will bring convenience to all cyclists. As an anticipation to any bad weather, the finish site is transferred to Thomas Dalton Park, Lot 2 Elliotts Road in Fairy Meadow. This is due to the impact it has created on Stuart Park to North Wollogong during the previous bike ride. Facilitators to this event are greatly concerned about the welfare of cyclists and volunteers that is why pick-up zone and drop-off points are well-planned.

Due to the success of previous MS Sydney Gong Bike Ride, today’s event shall feature a price gift for the winner of ‘The Most Extreme Thing’ competition. In here, participants are invited to join the competition by stating their experience on the most extreme thing they have done to join this fundraising activity on their Facebook page. A Canon 700DSK camera with a value of $1449 awaits the winner.

The MS Sydney to Gong Ride is not only a fundraising activity but also a venue for cyclists to experience the camaraderie of riding as team. As such, bikers can have the option to join as an independent rider or as a team. If you are riding with a mate, you already can form an official team. Riding as a group is a lot more fun. Apart from this, some prices are given away such as Best Uniformed Team, Best Dressed Team and Highest Fundraising Team. All these shall be announced at the end of the day.

Come November 2, make your ride count, join the MS Sydney to Gong Ride and witness a day of physical fitness, pleasure and excitement.