Blue Mountain hiking is one of the most beautiful activities in July. Blue Mountain during winter season develops into a beautiful sight to behold because of its natural views and landscapes. There are activities like walking, trekking and tours that emphasize the natural wonders within the mountain. These tours allow people to visit parts that are not included in regular tours. Meeting and departure time for these tours are early to cover more area and allows tourists to come back before nighttime. The winter air that covers the mountain adds to the beauty of the sites.

Another interesting activity that you can do in Sydney in July is to visit one of its two vast and popular aquariums. Both of these great venues offer world class marine life sightseeing and facilities. These aquariums serve as home to thousands and thousands of eclectic marine life that include fish reared in tropical, fresh, deep and salt waters. They also have marine mammals like seals and walruses. Aside from these, they have some rare species of shellfish and fish. The water settings that allow tourist to walk through come in the form of underwater tunnels that makes them feel like they are walking right next to the fish.

Both aquariums are located very near the center of Sydney that makes it accessible to each other and to other points of interest within the city.

Visiting the Australian Museum will let you take in some history lessons as you walk around its floors. The Australian Museum is the oldest operating museum in the whole country. Its doors opened way back in 1827 and to this day, it still impresses visitors because it contains one of the greatest and vast collections about history and historical studies. The museum invokes people to actively participate during the tours instead of just walking through its features without intently looking at these. With its offerings on history, education and enjoyment taken in by visitors every day, surely people will learn a lot about Australia within the walls of this rich museum.

Whale watching is another interesting activity done in the month of July.  The reason is because July is probably the best month to watch these gentle giants. Moreover, it is at this time of the year where migrant whales come in large numbers. A lot of touring companies are so confident about the whale watching industry during this month that they confidently proclaim ‘sure-see whale tours’ that serve as a guarantee for all tourists that they will see some whales in the sea. Failed sightseeing tours during this month readily give back the money paid by tourists if whales do not show up during the tour. Sometimes, tours offer a second trip if whales fail to show up during the first. Whale watching boats are specially made for this specific tour. The boats are fitted with a number of open decks for viewing. Whales like Southern Right and Humpback swim up into the Great Barrier Reef straight from the Antarctic Ocean.

On the other hand, to take your winter holiday tour of Sydney a hundred levels higher, take a helicopter ride above the Sydney skyline. This covers a path that includes the three famous beaches, Manly, Bondi and Coogee. The sites become especially beautiful when daytime transitions to night. Helicopter rides is also offered for Sydney outskirts tours.