Sydney is one of the hippest and cosmopolitan metropolises in Australia. It has been a gateway of many local and foreign businesses and tourists, making it one of the most populated cities in the country. This city has definitely many attractions to offer. Even when the USA is flooded with tons of tourist destinations from its 50 states, still there are plenty of reasons why Americans should pay a visit to this humble yet dazzling continent. Sydney, being the port of entry, is just the perfect start.

The stunning city of Sydney boasts a number of tourist spots, both manmade and natural. If you are traveling to Sydney, here is a list of its must-visit attractions.

  1. The Iconic Sydney Opera House

An icon of Australian advancement, this architectural feat is famous for its four shell-shaped roofs that are comprised of more than a million tiles. Located at the Sydney Harbour, tourists can enjoy the view of the glistening waters and the winsome cityscape of the whole city. The Opera House is open all-year round, so tourists may also book a concert or show during their stay. If one prefers to relax and listen to music, the boardwalk houses many cafés and bars that are frequented by locals.

  1. The World-Renowned Sydney Harbour Bridge

This landmark is conveniently located beside the Opera House, making it an ideal stop for tourists. Usually, tourists are encouraged to enjoy a leisurely walk on the bridge giving them a great view for the sunset and a panoramic perspective of Sydney.

  1. Pearly White Sand Beaches and Sparkling Blue Shores

Other than a business district, Sydney is also a beachside town. Three famous coasts are the Bondi Beach, the Coogee Beach, and the Manly Beach. Bondi Beach and the Manly Beach are the go-to sites for surfing enthusiasts. However, they are distinct from each other since the former allows topless sunbathing, while the former doesn’t. Manly Beach is also favored by those who want to escape the surfing crowds of Bondi may transfer here instead. The only difference is that swimming is not advised since the waves are of strong currents. And lastly, the Coogee Beach is the best spot for sun bathing and swimming. This is a family friendly destination with the many volleyball courts, beachfront baths, and snorkeling dive spots. If the tourists wish to glance at all three beaches, they can opt for a helicopter ride touring them to these shorelines.

  1. The Scenic Hyde Park

Sydney has its own version of New York’s Central Park – the Hyde Park, which was inspired from London’s Hyde Park. In the midst of all the towering buildings and rushing cars, tourists will take pleasure in its sprawling lawns and lanes of figs. Just like in Central Park, people are free to lay their picnic blankets or sip coffee from artisan cafés. Located on the eastern grounds of this park is the Hyde Park Barracks Museum that used to be the quarters of convicts and prisoners.

  1. The Appetizing Soda Factory

Craving for American Cuisine? No problem. The Soda Factory boasts its American heritage from the Coca-Cola door handles to the signature diner staples such as cheeseburgers and fries. Tourists can lounge in their sofas with a dim industrial feel.

  1. The Mouth-Watering Jazz City Diner

This is another all-American food joint that has delectable desserts like pies, cookies, and ice cream sandwiches. Their other specialties include Southern dishes such as the classic chicken and waffles, Southern style BBQ, and New Orleans BBQ Shrimp.

Whether you are from the north, south, east or west, Sydney surprises every visitor with visual satisfaction plus an array of gastronomic delight. Come to Sydney and be inspired.