Traveling to Sydney in spring has its perks. For one, you will simply love the weather, the fresh blooms, the surrounding. For another, it is also around this season that the biggest food event in Sydney is being held. Celebrate various cuisines for an explosive fest through the Sydney International Food Festival also known as the Crave event and the Good Food Month.

Celebrating Australia’s Culinary Scene

The Sydney International Food Festival started way back in 2008. It was put together mostly to highlight the local culinary scene, which is world-class after all.

Sydneysiders, no, Australians known exactly what good food is all about. That’s why you can easily locate a café or restaurant no matter what corner of the country you are in. As the cosmopolitan capital, Sydney of course gets a pie share of the most notable eats.

The food joints mostly follow the local eating times. Cafés are usually up as early as six in the morning to serve breakfast until 11am. By 12 noon, they are busy serving lunch, up until 3 in the afternoon. Sit down diners start serving delectable courses at around 5pm and the last orders are usually taken at 10.

Food prices are reasonable in most restaurants but if you are running on a tight budget, it is advisable that you take your gastronomic adventure to the streets where there are as many choices at considerably lower prices. Sitting down for lunch or dinner would obviously cost more.

During the International Food Festival, cafés and restaurants mostly unite, offering food lovers eternal fun by showcasing culinary talents from all over the world. Yes, flags are taken up at this time with chefs specializing in foreign cuisines also take part. The festival mostly hosts cooking demos, hands-on classes, tastings, tours, and many more. Each year, the festival lists down a series of events that will culminate to the appreciation of the art of cooking. It is best that you consult the festival website if you want to plan out your spring travel itinerary around this special event.

Entrance fees are mostly charged for attending the festival. Ideally, you must choose the events that you want to observe first-hand and on what you could leave out. For most, buying a whole day or two-day ticket is enough, then, they take their adventure to the streets where there are lots more to experience. During the festival, restaurant owners go out of their way to present food in a different kind of light.

It is about this time that you can enjoy a hearty breakfast while watching the sunrise along Bondi Beach, Sydney’s most famous tourist draw. Others could not be left behind. They are all for creating a fun, engaging, innovative, and delicious event idea that will brighten up the colors of the festival.

So, why skip the peak season when you can enjoy wandering around with good food all throughout? Trust us, all the fees are worth it when you choose to travel in spring to attend, observe, and experience the biggest food festival Sydney-wide.