Sydney is Australia’s cosmopolitan city surrounded with world heritage sites, iconic beaches and commended wine regions. Apart from being the largest city in the continent, Sydney is also one of the world’s most visited cities. With all its amazing manmade attractions and pristine natural reserves, it is easy to say why people from different parts of the globe spend a while on this stunning city. There’s so much to do in Sydney, and while you are here, it would be beneficial to know some basic tips that will make your stay more pleasant.

Typical Costs

Accommodation Rates

Hostels in central Sydney area vary in terms of kinds. Ideally, private rooms are at 80USD per night while dorm rooms range from 27 to 34USD per night.

Hotel prices differ in the entire city. Take note that when you get closer to town, the more expensive the rates are. Budget hotels start at 70USD per night.

Food costs depend on the type. Cheap meals such as sushi, burgers and sandwiches are at 10USD and below. Restaurant meals range from 20 to 30USD. As you reach the harbor area, meals cost a little higher and perceived as ‘tourist price’ because of great views. If you are staying in the city for a longer period of time, cooking your own food will save you a lot of money. At an average, you will be spending 50 to 80USD per week.

Transportation in Sydney comes in various types. There are buses, trains and ferries. Depending on the number of zones you pass through, adult fares start at 1USD up to 2.50USD. Also, fares are dependent on the number of passengers and time of the day. Taxis are abundant in the city but they are quite expensive. While in the downtown area, travelling by foot is the best way to reach business establishments and avoid the traffic spots. Besides, Sydney’s central business district is vastly walkable.

Top Attractions

Sydney offers world-class tourist attractions from the center of the city towards the suburbs. Some of the best places to visit are The Rocks, Bondi Beach, Royal Botanic Gardens and Mrs. Macquarie Chair, Sydney Harbor Bridge, Sydney Opera House, the museums, Hunter Valley, the Tower Sky Walk and the Darling Harbor. All these spots are worth a visit and you cannot spend one day to see them all. Therefore, create an itinerary of three to four tourist spots a day. It is important to note that when visiting wildlife spots, feeding animals is highly prohibited. Therefore, make sure that instructions are read carefully.

Budget Tips

If you were a first time tourist, it would be helpful to visit the city tourist office before touring around. In here, you get to find discount deals on famous attractions and other special festivities. You can request for discount coupons for most visited places around the city as well.

While the Bridgeclimb will cost you around 150USD, you can always walk across the Sydney Harbor Bridge for free. Just ensure to stay in the right area.

Sydney is unquestionably beautiful and that is why tourists always find a reason to keep coming back. Should you plan to visit Sydney, summer is the best season for a tour.