Those of you who would like to visit Sydney should make a list of all the things you prefer to explore before you head out on your exploration mission. Sydney is an amazing city that features a variety of sightseeing spots and amazing restaurants. It boasts outstanding nightlife venues and scenic beach spots.  You should research all that it has to offer, especially so when you are not quite familiar with the area.  If necessary, hire a tour guide who will help you discover all of its hidden gems.  The city offers something unique for each visitor, as Sydney is very cosmopolitan, diverse and multi-cultural. No matter what you like doing – Sydney has it all, from concerts to festivals to water zones to national parks.

For those who admire nature, the national parks and wildlife reserves are a ‘’must-visit’’ spots so keep them in your agenda always. Sydney’s nature is truly amazing and its wildlife is spectacular. The native birds and unique flower zones located just a few miles away from the city are a great reason to organize a refreshing walk in the surroundings. Those who adore animals can visit the Royal National park where you can enjoy the sight of various representation of the wildlife universe.

Surry Hurls and Darlinghurst are ”must visit” suburbs for you if you enjoy exquisite dining options. You have to taste some of Australia’s traditional meals and savor its astonishing cocktails. The nightlife scene is booming and quickly changing so you have to make sure you are in tune with the latest tendencies in the nightlife scene before you make your pick for the night.

For those who adore water views, there is so much to choose from! Go to Sydney Harbour or indulge in the magic of one of the area’s 40 beaches. Also, if you like water sports, you may try diving or paddle-boarding. Sydney Harbour is worth exploring, as it’s one of the most fascinating spots not only in the city, but also in Australia. More so, Sydney Harbour can be experienced on a boat, yacht or just through a regular paddle-boarding session.

Further, events and festivities are an integral aspect of Sydney’s lifestyle. It remains a center for vibrant cultural and entertainment activities. In fact, if you love cinema, you should sign up for Tropfest, also known as the biggest short film festival in the world, which can be enjoyed outdoors and open to the public. Located in Sydney’s amazing Centennial Park, the festival is a great attraction for both tourists and locals. The festival takes place in early December.  Another event that you should keep in mind for the end of December (Dec 26) is The 2015 Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race. This breath-taking event will take place right on the water of the Tasman Sea going towards Storm Bay passing Sydney Harbour and then to the Derwent River. So, mark your calendars! Sydney also abounds in fashion events and opera events; also, those who love music may catch a live band in a vibrant city pub.

Sydney has always been an attractive destination for globetrotters and those interested in exploring exciting spots. It has all that one needs in order to enjoy an unforgettable travel experience.  As previously mentioned, if you have any doubts, contact an experienced tour guide who will lead you exactly through the places worth exploring.  Sydney is one of the world’s most exciting cities and you will enjoy your visit to the maximum level!