Sydney, Australia is the best place to be in the Southern Hemisphere. Tourists and locals alike are treated to wonderful and unforgettable art exhibitions, musical performances, fun festivals and so many others.

This December, specifically on the third week, is even more fun-filled. While most parts of the world are windy and snowy at this time of the year, Sydney welcomes you with a sunny warm weather as you witness all its festivities. It’s the week before Christmas day, after all, and this bustling city has so much in store for its visitors.

French Circus in the Heart of Sydney

One of these is the spectacle of the world-renowned El Circo, happening in Slide. You need not fly all the way to Paris to experience authentic French entertainment of this magnitude because they’re coming to Sydney to entertain locals and visitors during the yuletide season.

You know you are transported in a small pub somewhere in Moulin Rouge as soon as you enter the place. A host with a distinct French accent will welcome you and lead you to your seat. Order something appetizing to nibble on, throw back a shot before the show starts. Once the performers come in, it’s possible you won’t get anything to eat or drink. You’ll probably just ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ at the sight before you.

Awesome Performances That Will Get Etched in Your Mind

El Circo, created by Frenchman extraordinaire Marc Kuzma has no less than nine acts to exhibit. With him is a huge cast of skilled acrobats, very talented aerial performers, stunning dancers, and enthralling singers. Brace yourself with their breathtaking and jaw-dropping exhibitions.

Every tall jump and low fall, every single stunt, every high note will take your breath away. It is true that the performers have done the show in the past hundreds of times. But, for them, each time is different when they walk on stage. Their goal is to make each show better than the last and truly unforgettable. And they do not disappoint.

Make your reservations NOW!

El Circo in Slide is one of the most talked about shows in Sydney. Everyone wants to get in and have a chance to experience the thrill. Rarely do walk-ins get an opportunity to be seated so you need to reserve your tickets now.

Most Saturdays of the month of December is sold out now but you might still get a chance to see them on Fridays (especially on the third week), Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve.

Slide, the artistically decorated venue of the magnificent El Circo, is located at 41 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst. You may call them for inquiries or reservations at 02 8915 1899. You could also check out their site and book your tickets online.

While Christmas is always about carols and cheers, this season can also be celebrated in a unique and memorable way by appreciating the arts through spectacular performances of talented individuals in a circus production. Every member of the family will surely be satisfied with a sumptuous visual delight.