May is one perfect time to go and see Australia because it’s some days before winter.  Most of the regions still enjoy the temperature that is not hotter than 20 degrees Celsius allowing people to enjoy more outdoor activities and sightseeing. And, if you’re a wine connoisseur or wanting to become one, being at any of the 65 wine regions in the country will make the dream happen or lets you discover some new additions to your list of favorites. From May 1 to 31, Australia is celebrating a month long wine celebration. It is an Australian National Celebration dubbed as Aussie Wine Month.

Since Australia is keen at keeping its pride as world’s top wine producer, with Riesling wine as its famous contribution, and in order to let people know more about Australia, the month of May is designated as a perfect time to explore Australia’s finest wine. Further, the month is the perfect time to visit famous wine regions and vineyards like The Clare Valley that is famous for its Mediterranean-style climate. Such climate is ideal for productions of quality Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and quality Riesling grapes. Over the course of a month long celebration, there is a long list of wine-related events all over the country. Each wine region has its own wine tasting events and cycling tours that offer tourists and wine lovers from all over the world to experience diversity and regionalism of Australian wine, its quality and distinctive taste. If you happen to be at Sydney on May 1, you’ll have the chance to join and enjoy City Cellar Door wine tasting event where wine lovers get the rare opportunity to sip, smell, taste, and enjoy the finest wine produced by 55 top Aussie wine regions.

Traveling to Victoria region leads wine lovers to Northern Victoria’s pride, Ruthergien region that produces Topaque and Muscat wine. Whereas, when driving to Queensland’s Granite Belt Wine region, wine lovers are treated to the annual Vineyard Charity Concert that features a combination of Opera and lunch or dinner feasts. On one hand, the Ballandean Estate Wine is the gracious host of this annual Opera Wine Event.

Over Melbourne, there is a similar but smaller festival featuring Melbourne’s produce, culture and lifestyle but not as grandiose as May’s wine festival. However, the 2011 March event had broken world’s record such as World’s Longest Lunches held simultaneously and of largest chefs’ attendance.

You don’t need to get out of Sydney to enjoy any wine-related events for the month of May. There are bars and fine restaurants along the Quay area that offers vintage wine tasting where every sommelier makes sure there is something for every wine lover to enjoy over dinner. Over Tasmanian region, a two-day festival showcases Tasmania’s finest produce that go well with gourmet meals prepared by region’s top chefs and with accommodation at Tasmanians cabins.

Come and see Australia on the month of May and enjoy a true epicurean adventure with Australian wine by the glass, and be part of an Australian national celebration.