If you are looking for a place to visit this February, Sydney is absolutely the best choice of destination. As we all know, Chinese New Year is expected during this month and a lot of countries and cities all over the world are celebrating this festive event. Outside mainland China, Sydney has the biggest celebrations, which is why getting the chance to celebrate Lunar New Year in this vibrant city is certainly a one of a kind experience.

Sydney offers a celebration like no other so be prepared to create wonderful and exciting memories from the vibrant festivities you are about to witness and experience. While others will be welcoming the year with the traditional lion dance and fireworks display, this city will be launching the festival by lighting up the Hickson Road Reserve with Chinese terracotta warrior lanterns. What sets this apart from other celebrations is that these lanterns are illuminated against no less than the magnificent Sydney Opera House and the iconic Sydney Harbor Bridge. Along with this spectacular event are lion dances and the traditional drumming which you should not miss. To make sure that you would be able to witness these events, you have to book for hotel reservation any time from February 1 to 28. With this, you don’t have to worry about accommodation and all you can do is enjoy.

Since Chinese New Year in Sydney is one of the grandest celebrations in the world, expect a month-long lineup of exciting events. The Twilight Parade is definitely a must-watch since you will be mesmerized by the colorful floats parading that illuminate the city’s streets. The Dragon Boat Race is another special event to witness. Watch the best teams paddle their own boats as they come to hit the finish line at the Cockle Bay. Those who love to watch races will surely enjoy this heart-pounding competition.

Sydney Chinese New Year is also a festival full of cultural events that will make your trip a really meaningful one. You will find exhibits that feature traditional Chinese decorations and you will also get the chance to have a Lunar New Year hands-on experience. If it is your first time to hear about this, what you can expect is basically an opportunity to immerse with the customs and traditions of the Chinese race.

Food is what completes every tourist’s trip and also lets you create memories that are definitely worth keeping. Therefore, when you are in Sydney for the Chinese New Year Festival, do not forget to treat yourself with sumptuous Lunar Feast meals served by the city’s restaurants. The Lunar Streets will be there to satisfy your gastronomic appetite with a taste of authentic Asian cuisines. Dine with your loved ones at one of the tables along the streets of downtown Sydney and enjoy the unique flavors of the different countries in Asia.

From parades to food, exhibits to boat racing, there is truly a reason to celebrate Chinese New Year in the city of Sydney. This February 2015, come to Sydney and take part in all the best events that the city has to offer.