Sydney is one of the best travel destinations no matter where you are coming from. It has a wide array of attractions, food hubs, and activities that will not only open your eyes to amazing cultural discoveries but also keep you comfortable for the most part. Even if you are coming from the other part of the globe, you will surely find it lovely here.

Korean Visitors: Take Note

Over the course of many years, Sydney hosted various cultures in its shores. Guests from all over found themselves enchanted by the alluring sights and sounds in the cities. To keep them even more comfortable for the duration of their stay, cultural offices were built to cater to their specific needs.

Koreans are some of the chosen few to have their own cultural center in Sydney. It serves as a link between the two different nations, providing both with optimum benefits. For Koreans, this is a place where they can still feel at home even while they are thousands of miles away. For Sydneysiders, it is their opportunity to get a closer look at Korean culture without having to go far.

The Korean Cultural Centre

In recent years, the Korean Cultural Centre was built to serve as the gateway to Korean culture for both foreigners and locals alike. It is located opposite the Hyde Park and Museum Station, specifically along Elizabeth St. It is open Mondays to Fridays, from 10 in the morning until 6 in the afternoon.

Top notch Korean brands Samsung and LG Electronics and Korean interior decorators helped design the centre to become as homey as possible. It was also decorated with Korean alphabet Hangeul.

As a cultural ambassador, the Korean Cultural Centre holds contemporary and traditional content, events, and various activities that will drive the culture closer to home. It features art exhibitions courtesy of Korea’s renowned digital and young artists. It also holds an annual Korean Film Festival every August in Sydney and September in Melbourne. This is where the greatest and latest films are featured. The centre also plays host to various performances from K-pop singers and other top calibre Korean performers to showcase the talent that the country has to offer.

The Korean Cultural Centre also features educational programs that will help everyone to learn a little more about the culture. This includes Korean language classes held at the Kind Sejong Institute and an open-for-all library where you can obtain a wide range of books about the Korean politics, history, art, novels, and more. There are also cooking classes held at the centre.

Authentic Food at Sydney CBD

Speaking of food, there is no need to resist your cravings for authentic Korean food. There is a restaurant that serves the authentic cuisine, and it is located right at the heart of the Sydney Central Business District, specifically along A Pitt Street. It is called Sydney Madang. Among its best-sellers include Gan Poong Ki, miso soup, Dolsot Bibimbap, Kimchi, and BBQ.

O Bal Tan BBQ Restaurant is another food joint you cannot miss. It has to-die-for Korean BBQ complete with a wide choice of side dishes. Spicy Chicken Bibimbap and Seafood Hot Pot are other tasty meals that are considered must-tries. O Bal Tan BBQ Restaurant is also located along A Pitt Street.

Meanwhile, at Level 2, 605-609, George Street, Seoul-Ria reigns supreme. It offers tasty Korean meals made from super fresh ingredients in a fantastic environment. The Dolsot Bibimbap, Seafood Pancake, and Beef Japchae are among the favorites of regular diners here.

Visitin Sydney from Korea? Do not worry. With the Korean Cultural Centre, you will not feel like you are going too far away from home.